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dental extractions

We offer dental extractions under local anaesthetic only. We do not offer sedation at the practice. Please note difficult surgical extractions such as impacted wisdom teeth are likely to need onward referral.

Always remember a clean and healthy mouth heals more rapidly than a neglected one.

The following steps will prevent bleeding and relieve soreness:

On the day of treatment

  • Do not eat or drink for 3 hours post extraction.
  • If you are a smoker, please refrain from smoking for 48 hours.
  • Rest for a few hours but you do not need to lie down.
  • Strenuous exercise is best avoided for a few hours.
  • Do not rinse the mouth for at least 24 hours.
  • Avoid HOT fluids, alcohol, hard and chewy foods. Choose cool drinks and minced or soft foods.
  • Should the wound start to bleed apply a small compress. We have provided some, however, this can be made from some cotton wool in a clean handkerchief. Place this on the bleeding point and bite firmly on it for 20 minutes, longer if necessary.

Any pain or soreness can be relieved by taking your normal pain relief.

If prolonged bleeding or pain occurs, contact your dentist on 0161 4324477 in surgery hours. Out of hour you should attend your nearest A and E department.

On the day After treatment

It may be beneficial to use an antiseptic rinse recommended by your dentist or a warm saltwater mouth rinse to bathe the wound. This may be carried out after each meal until healing is complete. A saline rinse is made by dissolving a level teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. The solution should be held in the mouth for approx. one minute and then discarded. Avoid over-vigorous rinsing. Continuing mild pain can again be treated by taking your normal pain relief.

Occasionally small particles of bone may come to the surface. This is normal and will settle in time.

If in doubt, please contact the surgery for advice on 0161 432 4477.

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